Where Do HVAC Technicians Make the Most Money?

HVAC technicians are in demand across the United States, and if you're looking for HVAC Repair Services near me, the average salary they can earn may vary from state to state. According to a survey conducted by Refrigeration School, Inc., the five states with the highest average annual salary for HVAC technicians were Alaska, the District of Columbia (D. C.), Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New York. In addition to state-level differences, the average salary of an HVAC technician may also vary depending on the metropolitan area they work in. For example, the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area employed 8,220 technicians and the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area employed 7,250 technicians.

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area in Florida employed 9,160 HVAC technicians, making it one of the top metropolitan cities in the country for HVAC jobs. Even in regions with high demand for HVAC technicians, having specialized training can give technicians an edge in the labor market. Employers often prefer to hire candidates with HVAC credentials from a post-secondary school. The ServiceTitan National HVAC Championship shares its ideas and experiences from the first part of the Elite Trades HVAC Championship.